Rebellion has a time limit, a price tag, and a purpose.

Angela Redderson, aka Angel, spends her nights in the tunnels, an underground labyrinth of ever-changing clubs designed for the rich and bored, where chips and input bands provide the ultimate in neural entertainment.

During daylight hours she prepares for post-twilight partying, hacking into the wildest fashion houses to secure the latest cutting edge ensembles before they hit street. Angel is truly Optimate, the best of the best, and life couldn’t be a sweeter, easier ride.

Or so she thinks.

When her path crosses with the sexy Downliner Tears, Angel starts asking questions. Why are Clubbers dropping like flies in the Lowerland? Just what is the magnetic Diar really up to, and who is the crazy Rowan guy she keeps meeting?

As the specter of the online activist Forrest moves closer to home, illusion slowly loses its luster. Angel begins to suspect none of her friends are as ordinary as they seem. In fact, some of them might not even be human…

(Digital re-release only December 2014 in American English.)

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