What if you could live on music?

For the genetically viable, the experimental city of Sound offers a beacon of hope in a future troubled by overpopulation and food shortages. The chance to live on little more than tunes, in a place filled with the world’s greatest musicians, is a dream come true. Life under quarantine’s a small price to pay for paradise.

Ces discovers the taste of music to be far more pleasurable, and far more addictive, than she imagined. Through the eyes of resident artist Brad she begins to understand the city’s complex divisions, from the almost tune-free citizens of clean side to the wild, mask-wearing Ceruleans.

Over time a growing number of jarring questions, when played together, create an eerie tune. Is there a reason the streets aren’t policed after dark? Why are so many people locked away in the Clinic? What secrets are the authorities so desperate to keep from the outside world?

With Ces’s mind beginning to fracture, reality suddenly seems an unstable idea. Is she telling her own story, or relaying someone else’s? What lengths will she take to ensure the truth gets out?

Or has she already broken all the rules?

(Paperback and digital release November 2014. Pre-order for paperback edition available. Printed in American English.)

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