The Conceptualist


In an information soaked world, Grey is one of a handful of genetic anomalies sourcing the economic and artistic threads of modern culture. Worshipped by the public and viewed by governments as priceless commodities, conceptualists have restructured civilization.

Now something threatens the delicate balance. Thanks to an attempted defection by the conceptualist Sahara, war is spreading, and power is set to shift.

Only a privileged few know sourcing can slowly fragment the brain. Logan and Char are determined to keep their employer, the conceptualist Grey, not just safe, but sane. With her grip on reality threatening to slip, Grey must see through illusions and holograms, separate friends from foes, if she's to have a chance at controlling her own future.

Golden-eyed Byre, the charismatic son of the president, is adored for his wild and aberrant habits, ranging from twin lovers to whispers of sensory splicing. He even travels with one of the infamous protectors known as dragons, the clone Mane. But underneath the sparkling facade is another player in the game, and when Byre's ordered to stay with Grey for his own protection, the structure of society is destined for change.

(Paperback and digital release May 2015. Pre-order for paperback edition available. Printed in American English.)

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